Headlight Restoration

Our Headlight Restoration Service restores your headlights to crystal clarity, and a sealant is applied to protect them from future deterioration. We also offer the restoration with a ceramic coating applied, and your option of a 2, or 5 year warranty . If your headlights start to get hazy again, call us up and we will schedule your restoration as many times needed until your warranty is over!

research from AAA found "a driver’s visibility can drop by 80 percent when a car’s headlights are hazy OR cloudy from deterioration."


1. Safety

Despite 60% less traffic on the roads, more than 40% of all fatal car accidents occur at night. New research from AAA found a driver’s visibility can drop by 80% when a car’s headlights are hazy, yellowed from deterioration, or oxidation. Research found these hazy headlights only produce 22% of the light output than new original headlights.

2. Cost

Restoration kits which typically include sandpaper and solution to fix the headlight can cost, on average, $21 and restore the light output to about 70% percent. Having a professional do it for you can cost about $77, on average, but we charge less than that!

Aftermarket headlights will get the light back to about 83% and canto cost on average between $104-$300 depending on the vehicle.

Original Manufacturer Headlights restore the output to 100%, but can cost between $331 and $427 depending on the vehicle.

The do-it-yourself version is the cheapest, however not all kits are efficient. Sanding the lens too vigorously can damage it further, and different kits come with different sandpaper grits. Some require the sandpaper to be attached to a drill for quick buffing this can be very dangerous if you are not experienced, or knowledgeable of the correct process, and grit needed.


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