There are many different parts, and various materials throughout the interior of your vehicle. Different materials require different products to clean and protect them. Knowing the difference, and using the proper method is very important. Not doing so can result in discoloration, or damage to your vehicles interior.

Any Interior cleaning should always start with a dry brush and vacuum. This eliminates any dirt being spread around during the cleaning process making more of a mess than needed.

The same rule applies for stains. There is a science to removing stains. To remove them the correct way, you must have some knowledge of the pH Scale. The stains in your vehicle can be Acidic, or Alkaline. To remove them you need to use a cleaning product that is the opposite pH level. Using the wrong cleaner, or the wrong dilution ratio can lock the stain in permanently or damage the delicate fibers inside your vehicle. There are also certain cleaning products that need to be neutralized after using, or they can result in damage over time, or cause future stains to set in permanently. Knowing how to determine the type of stain (tannin, protein, grease, etc.), and the correct method of cleaning them is a very important. I have witnessed many detailers use one cleaning product throughout the entire interior, that is a big mistake, and and one of the many differences between an amateur and a professional.

For more information about professional stain removal Meguiars is an excellent source of information.

Interior Detail $120

Electrostatic Fogger Disinfection $60

Fabric Coating $75

Plastic & Vinyl Coating $90


Our interior detailing service comes with a complete steam cleaning of your entire interior. Steam Cleaning kills 99.9% of bacteria that is lurking in your interior as we speak. Another benefit of using steam is that your seats and carpets are not left soaking wet, the moisture from the steam dries almost immediately because it is so hot. They may be slightly damp but will dry very quickly. We recommend disinfecting your vehicle at least every 6 months.

When we are finished servicing your interior we leave you with a complimentary air freshener, and paper mats. We clean your vehicle professionally, and make sure you get where you are going with the carpets still clean!


Headliner is a very delicate area and is usually a very thin fabric attached to your roof with an adhesive. Agitating to hard, or using a product that is too strong may leave you with a sagging headliner. A very unpleasant look, and very annoying.