Show Prep

Preparing for a Car Show is Detailing in it's purest form. Knowing our work is going to be judged is when we get the opportunity to really let our Customers see what we are about. We have Prepped for many shows, and helped earn many trophies. When your looking to really get your vehicle to its best possible appearance, give us a call. (714) 341-4215. We perform Car Show Preps at your residence, and On Site Show Detailing as well.

Above is one of the many awards we have assisted Classic Car Owners earn. The 39 Pontiac Convertible to the left, and the video below took "NATIONAL FIRST PLACE" from the Antique Automobile Club Of America. By far one of the hardest judging antique car competitions around. We performed a Show Prep with a 3-Stage Paint Correction, and a 5-Year Ceramic Coating.

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