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Clay Bar treatment is the base level of any exterior detail service. The Clay bar treatment decontaminates the paint from any natural, or road contaminants embedded in your paint that washing can not remove. Some of these contaminants ARE... brake dust, industrial fallout, tree sap, bird droppings, minerals, bee pollen, etc. If not removed, over time these contaminants etch into your paint damaging your vehicles clear coat. Polishing or sanding may be needed if neglected further. YOU CAN SEE AN EXAMPLE OF SOME OF THESE CONTAMINANTS ON THE IMAGE BELOW. The clay bar is exactly as its name. It looks like a piece of Clay and can be molded. It is formed into a flat circular shape to match the palm of your hand. With lubrication applied the clay bar is moved back in forth across you paint, and sheers off any of these contaminants without causing any damage to your vehicle. Leaving it fresh, smooth, and clean. A layer of protection is then applied of your choice.

Clay bar treatment info


30-Day Hybrid Wax $85

6-Month Sio2 Silica Sealant $125

1-Year Ceramic Coating $200


Wheel/Tire Cleaning, Pre-Rinse, Foam Bath, Proper wash method to ensure no scratches or marring, Clay Bar Treatment (Paint Decontamination), Hand Dry, Air dry cracks and crevasses, Tire shine, Application of your choice of protection, Exterior Windows, application of dressing to and plastic trim, Interior Vacuum (trunk not included), Air Freshener, all with professional quality products.

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